Long time, no see?

Well it's been a very long time since I created a post for my blog, so thought it about time I made an effort, especially whilst we are on lockdown. It's a strange time, very surreal. All work has been stopped, and as a small business I have to face the prospect that there are … Continue reading Long time, no see?

Cat Grooming: Over Brushing

Trent View Mobile Cat Groomer

As a cat groomer you might think it would be better business for me to not advise anyone on how to care for their cat’s coat, and to a degree you’d be right.

But, I can’t help myself. My children are older now, and I’ve always loved cats. As the kids have got older, cats have occupied a much larger space in my life, and I’m now at the point where they are my career too. I am not religious, but I do feel blessed and I can’t, in good conscience, groom someone’s cat then tell them in eight weeks time when I go back that they need me in six weeks, when we could save them a bit of money and care for the cats coat a bit better if I just give that little bit of advice.

This way it’s better for their pocket, but more importantly the cat.

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What to Expect from a GOOD Cat Groomer

First of all I have to apologise for not writing sooner, but life gets in the way! A few things have been on my mind recently - the main being the topic of this blog. Why do people have such low expectations of a cat groomer? Yes, it is  not an easy job. Cats do not … Continue reading What to Expect from a GOOD Cat Groomer

Why Are Mats Such a Problem in a Cat’s Fur?

You may not be aware, but mats in a cats fur are a very serious issue, and really can make a difference to your cats health and well-being. If mats are far progressed then the cat literally becomes a prisoner in its own fur. Not only long-haired cats suffer from matting of the coat! This … Continue reading Why Are Mats Such a Problem in a Cat’s Fur?

Do we REALLY need to groom our cats?

Contrary to common belief, assisted grooming is an essential part of most cats lives. It is not simply about fur, but the cats health and well-being too. People say, "Oh, cats don't need to be groomed, they do it themselves!" Of course they can groom themselves, but what about the ones that can't quite manage … Continue reading Do we REALLY need to groom our cats?