Cat Grooming: Over Brushing

Trent View Mobile Cat Groomer

As a cat groomer you might think it would be better business for me to not advise anyone on how to care for their cat’s coat, and to a degree you’d be right.

But, I can’t help myself. My children are older now, and I’ve always loved cats. As the kids have got older, cats have occupied a much larger space in my life, and I’m now at the point where they are my career too. I am not religious, but I do feel blessed and I can’t, in good conscience, groom someone’s cat then tell them in eight weeks time when I go back that they need me in six weeks, when we could save them a bit of money and care for the cats coat a bit better if I just give that little bit of advice.

This way it’s better for their pocket, but more importantly the cat.

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